My name is Rhiannon Yandell.

I am an abstract artist from Rockford, Illinois.

I spent 20 years working in the Healthcare Informatics industry and never thought I would want to do anything else. In February of 2020, on the day I was supposed to fly to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, I was hit hard with the flu, and then pneumonia. After spending two weeks unable to even get out of bed and finally feeling like a person, that person needed to paint. I was never a painter. I remember hating art class in school when I had to take it. I had no idea what I was doing, just that I had to do it.

When I returned to work, I started seeing all of these e-mails about COVID. Within a week I had pulled my toddler out of daycare, and after 47 DAYS (!!!) of trying to be an Informatics director and take care of my three year old, I quit my job of seven years without any hesitation. On my last day of work, I sold my first painting and got my first commission.

Only time will tell what life has in store next but I know that the universe provides and I enjoy nothing more than making things that people enjoy looking at in their homes.

In my spare time (i.e. nap time), I do yoga, run, read, and read more.